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If you have requirements not covered here, please discuss with us as we may be able to assist. to assist. Put your trust in Total Calibration and rest assured that you will get the highest quality services as per your demands. If you need Temperature Calibration NZ, let us help you and cater to your needs from beginning to end. Every day we use temperature measuring instruments. For example, we need to know the temperature inside the refrigerator in order to make sure that our food is stored under the correct conditions. We also use a thermometer whenever we want to measure a fever. So we can state that temperature measurements are practically used everywhere, including industrial processes, home appliances, clinical processes and much more. That is why Thermometer Calibration NZ is needed a lot. Our team is always ready to help you and bring top-notch quality services you deserve.
We are specialized in providing a wide array of Autoclave Calibration NZ. Trust us for maintenance of autoclaves used in chemical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries and we won’t disappoint you. We also offer Humidity Calibration NZ and our services are executed by our skilled professionals. Hire us and our experts will help you overcome a diverse range of humidity measurement and calibration problems. Our team is always there to improve your measurement so you can enjoy your calibration system to the fullest.
If you need Pipette Calibration NZ, you can again rely on us. Based on the frequency of use and on the application, you should check the calibration of your pipettes regularly. Our experts are ready to help you and make the whole process as easy as possible. At our laboratory, we also deliver first-class Pressure Calibration NZ. Don’t hesitate to get regular Pressure Calibration NZ and you will enjoy accuracy and precision. At Total Calibration, we provide a comprehensive Spectrophotometer Calibration NZ and guarantee to verify the performance of your equipment. Contact us anytime you need and our specialists will deliver great services to ensure continued optimal performance of your machine.

Note : Most areas of the calibration scope are covered by IANZ accreditation (some are pending), for detailed scope click here or contact us for more details.